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Welcome home | Ark Project 2019

Hi all!

We are back from Skagaströnd, Iceland! It was one of the most inspiring residencies to date. Iceland is located in one of the most geologically active places on the planet, located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Global warming is now of such magnitude that it is changing Iceland's climate outside of the natural balance and is pushing the land to increased volcanic activity as a consequence of deglaciation. Day and I created new works in response and inspired by the alchemy of the Icelandic landscape. Our vision manifested in the creation of new paintings and sculptures using new materials sourced on site. Our conversation with the land and the local folklore and myth informed our work and our connection to this enchanted place.

As short term residents our two week residency concluded with an artist talk and an open studio presenting our new works, works in process, and a collaborative installation at the smoke stack in the historic herring factory.

BIG thank you to NES for hosting the Ark Project this year. Much gratitude for the opportunity to share and connect with all of the other artists. Our field trips to the hot springs, local museum, meditating on the sea cliffs, and foraging for new materials has deepened our palettes and re-invigorated our art practice. Iceland is a truely magical place.

Looking forward to next years residency!

Love and light,


'Vefsíðunni,' ('Portal'), Icelandic salt, muscle shells, feathers, 2019. Installation with Day Schildkret

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